• detail
  • Sharp design that gives the feeling of carbon materials. Sophisticated form , from which redundant elements were eliminated, give the impression of elegance.

  • Simple side-view but have a strong presence

  • The sleek temple has a half-round shape on the outside.

  • The round decor on the temple end, which was enamel finished in the same way as Ken's solid gold frames, functions as a balancer and create a high-quality look.

  • The soft-silicon coating on the inside of temple that gives wearers comfort and with which accents for the coloration of the frame

  • Silicon nose pads kind to the skin

  • The titanium trims on bridge and end-pieces give the accent to the flat image.

  • The β-Titanium end-piece parts, which were made as thinly as possible, creates flexibility and comfort to wear.

  • The optimized thickness of Carbon front is set to take advantage of its characteristics. It was formed in the curve to match human's face by the dedicated molds.

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This is a new model from STILE series, which is the basis of Ken Okuyama Eyes.The front frame was made of light and strong Dry-Carbon material, which is same as used in "KO7" sports car designed and developed by Mr.Okuyama.The sharp shape with the flat upper front line has a European taste.
Front : Carbon・Titanium and β-Titanium
Temple : β-Titanium
Pad : Silicon resin
Screws : Torx screw
Lens curve : 3

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