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  • The cross designed bridge is the one Mr.Okuyama has wanted to realize. The production of this design requires skilled techniques just because of its pure form.

  • Silicon nose pads kind to the skin

  • The ergonomically designed temple that fits the temporal region of head and its flexibility is a signature of the collection and outcome of ultimate exploration.

  • The round decor on the temple end, which is enameled and functions as a balancer and create a high-quality look.

  • The single hole drill mount does not stress each lens when opening the temples.

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This is the Solid Gold version of KO-206 STILE. The cross designed bridge is filled with Mr.Okuyama's minds. The design looks basic at the first sight but the cross bridge gives a strong impression and makes us feel KEN OKUYAMA EYES right away. This minimal and clean design requires much more accuracy in the production.
Front : 18K・14K Gold
Temple : 18K・14K Gold
Nose Pad : Silicon
KOG-206(Make to Order)

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