• detail
  • The front-brow line has been carefully designed to balance the whole image of KO-106.

  • The slits of the bridge and temples makes weight KO-106 lighter.

  • Also, the slits of the bridge and temples enhance sporty image of KO-106.

  • KO-106 features a new type of two tone plating on the temples.

  • The round decor on the temple end, which is enameled and functions as a balancer and create a high-quality look.

  • Silicon nose pads kind to the skin

  • The ergonomically designed temples that fit the temporal region of head hold the head softly.

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KO-106 is a successor model of KO-101. The front line of KO-106 is similar to that of KO-101 but is more balanced with the other parts. Featuring the slits on the bridge and temples, KO-106 has lighter weight and enhances sporty image. Ion plating is first applied to col.1 and col.2. Also, the two tone plating made on the front half and back half of temple is firstly applied to this model.
Front : Titanium
Temple : β-Titanium
Pad : Silicon resin
Screws : Torx screw

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