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  • KO-219 shows the translation of

  • Eye-brows were made from duralumin, which enhances the feeling of material difference and lightness.

  • The metal eye-brows express three dimensional design and manufacturing.

  • The combination of titanium and duralumin materials highlights premium accents.

  • The round decor on the temple end, which is enameled and functions as a balancer and create a high-quality look.

  • Silicon nose pads kind to the skin

  • The combination of the ergonomically designed temple that fits the temporal region of head and the flexibility of the frame enhances the comfort to wear.

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KO-219 is a modern classical model in the STILE collection featuring the combination of three different metal materials Titanium, Beta-Tian and Duralumin. Duralumin eye-brows give strength to the front frame and Beta-Titanium temples bring out the flexibility for comfort to wear. The design of KO-219 requires the high accuracy of each components and can be realized only by Ken Okuyama eyes.
Front : Duralumin:Titanium
Temple : β-Titanium
Pad : Silicon resin
Screws : Torx screw

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