[ VITA ] KO-402

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  • The particular coloring creates a modern atmosphere to the classic Thurmont style. The front has a conservative Wellington shape, and the exquisite size is the result of the designer's concentrated attention to detail.

  • Torx screws are used to attach the Thurmont-browline parts, giving the brand a strong presence.

  • The thin temples are made of beta titanium that gently fit the face, and the simplicity of the design makes it stand out for its high quality.

  • The structure of the front parts and the lens mounting parts require high precision, making it a product that can only be made in Japan.

  • The temple ends are designed with the function of a balancer. The brand's iconic red epoxy-finished logo motif creates a sense of luxury.

  • By adopting U-shaped pad arms, fitting adjustment is easier than before. The silicone nose pads are comfortable to the skin.

  • The ergonomically designed temples that fit the temporal region of head hold the head softly.

  • A sophisticated design based on the motif of classic car door handles, with the designer's attention to detail. The motifs are riveted, a technique that can only be made in Japan.

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A new model in the "VITA" collection. The style of the Thurmont-browline type has a modern-classic feel with motifs typical of car designers.
52□19-147 (B40.3)
Temple : β-Titanium
Pad : Silicon resin
Screws : Torx screw

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