[ SPORTS ] KO-112P

  • detail
  • The unique front style looks as if the lens is popping out to the upper side of the front eyebrow line.

  • The simple style and high level of craftsmanship are perfectly combined to create a product that can only be made in Sabae. The bicolor plating gives it a luxurious look.

  • A single thin line from the front to the temples creates a simple yet bold line.

  • The design looks like a trompe-l'œil, as if the lens is floating in the air.

  • The temple ends are designed with the function of a balancer. The brand's iconic red epoxy-finished logo motif creates a sense of luxury.

  • The silicone nose pads are comfortable to the skin.

  • The ergonomically designed temples that fit the temporal region of head hold the head softly. This distinctive temple line has been present since the origin of the brand.

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The most simple style in the KEN OKUYAMA EYES collection, which scraped down waste to the limit. It is a very light eyeglass frame, both physically and visually.
Temple : β-Titanium
Pad : Silicon resin
Screws : Torx screw

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