[ SPORTS ] KO-113

  • detail
  • Basic styling combined with a sophisticated rectangular shape gives this browline frame an intelligent look.

  • The three-dimensional and refined blowline highlight the style with a sense of luxury. The motif on the top of the metal blowline is slightly visible and accentuates it.

  • The sophisticated metal texture creates a solid shape. Different colors are used for the front and temples, creating a playful color palette.

  • The top part of the front, designed with 1/100th mm accuracy, gives this product its most distinctive feature. And the combination of carbon sheets inserted between the metal elements gives it a mechanical detail.

  • The temple ends are designed with the function of a balancer. The brand's iconic red epoxy-finished logo motif creates a sense of luxury.

  • The silicone nose pads are comfortable to the skin.

  • The sophisticated temple design, which contrasts with the bold front browline, is eye-catching and ergonomically designed to follow the shape of the head, providing the highest wearing comfort.

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This style is an outstanding design that uses carbon materials to give a sense of identity as a car designer.
Temple : β-Titanium
Pad : Silicon resin
Screws : Torx screw

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